Trouble Every Day

12″ vinyl and CD
UK release date: October 2001
Label: Beggars Banquet
LP cat no: BBQLP225
CD cat no: BBQCD225
The vinyl was a limited edition

album credits

Recorded at Angel Studios, London, 20th & 26th July, 2000. Engineered by Steve Price, assisted by Tom Jenkins & Eastcote Studios, London, 27th-30th July, 2000. Engineered by Simon Sheridan, assisted by Antti Uusimaki.

Mixed with Ian Caple at the Pierce Rooms, London, 10th-14th September, 2000. Assisted by Richard Wilkinson & Chris Settele.
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis, London.

Violins: Gavyn Wright, Perry Montague-Mason, Dave Woodcock, Jonathan Strange, Chris Tombling, Patrick Kiernan, Vaughan Armon, Simon Fischer, Pete Hanson, Cathy Thompson, Ben Cruft, & Emlyn Singleton.
Cellos: Melissa Phelps, Paul Kegg & Frank Schaefer.
Double Bass: Malcolm Moore.
Trombone: Neil Sidwell.
Trumpets: Steve Sidwell & Paul Spong.
Harp: Fiona Hibbert.
Bongos: David Pattman.
Orchestral arrangements by Dickon Hinchliffe.

Cover Photography by Francoise Huguier

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  • trouble every day

  • side 1
  • Opening Titles
  • Dream
  • Houses
  • Maid Theme
  • Room 321
  • Computer
  • Notre Dame
  • Killing Theme
  • side 2
  • Taxi to Coré
  • Coré On The Stairs / Love Theme
  • Maid Theme (End)
  • Closing Titles
  • Killing Theme (alternative version)
  • Trouble Every Day