lucky dog recordings

12″ vinyl and CD
UK release date: 11th july 2005
Label: Lucky Dog/Beggars Banquet
LP cat no: bbqlp 242
CD cat no: bbqcd 242

album credits

Somerset House:
Singing by Gina Foster, tenor sax by Terry Edwards
Marseilles Sunshine:
Keyboards and glock by David Boulter, singing by Gina Foster,
trumpets by Terry Edwards, violin plucks by Lucy Wilkins
Say Something Now:
‘Jang jang’ guitar by Neil Fraser, tenor saxes by Terry Edwards,
drums and percussion by Thomas Belhom
Friday Night:
Lowrey organ by David Boulter
Shame On You:
Electric guitar by Neil Fraser, singing by Gina Foster,
drums by Thomas Belhom
Tenor saxes by Terry Edwards, drums by Thomas Belhom,
drum fills by Al Macaulay
Dark Days:
Singing by Gina Foster
People Fall Down:
Piano and tambourine by David Boulter, tenor sax by Terry Edwards,
double bass by Adrian Stout, drums by Adrian Hughs, trombones by Neil Sidwell
She Don’t Have To Be Good To Me:
Harmonium by David Boulter, piano by Yann Tiersen,
bass by Neil Fraser, drums and shaker by Thomas Belhom,
flugel horn by Terry Edwards, trombone by Mike Kearsey
I’ve Come A Long Way:
Harmonium and tambourine by David Boulter, flugel horn by Terry Edwards,
euphonium and trombone by Mike Kearsey, tuba and trombone by Caroline Sullivan

Brass arrangements on 9 & 10 by Terry Edwards
‘Huge and Stout’ appear courtesy of ‘the Tiger Lillies’
Thomas Belhom appears courtesy of ici d’ailleurs
Yann Tiersen appears courtesy of labels/virgin france

Recorded and mixed at Lucky Dog ’03/’04
Additional recording at the Farm, St Marie (June 18-21, 2004) by Ian Caple
and Eastcote Studios, London (August 24, 2004) by Philip Bagenal
Mixed with the invaluable help of Ian Caple
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis, London
Photography by myself and Suzanne

Thank you to Neil and David, without them I could not have started this,
to Ian, Terry, Gina and Thomas, without whose help I could not have finished it,
To Lucy, Adrian, Adrian and Yann
To Rudolphe Berger, Stephane Gregoire and Claire Denis

To Martin Wallace

Always to Suzanne

lucky dog
lucky dog
lucky dog
lucky dog
lucky dog
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lucky dog
lucky dog
lucky dog

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