bbc sessions

double CD
UK release date: july 2007
Label: Island/Universal
Cat no: 984 927-6

Compilation of songs picked by the band from various BBC radio shows

Disc one:
tracks 1–4 are from John Peel 27/04/93 (producer Mike Robinson, engineer James Brit)
track 5 is from Mark Radcliffe 25/10/93 (producer Lis Roberts, engineer Steve Robertshaw)
tracks 6–8 are from John Peel 18/01/94 (producer Mike Robinson, engineer Ralph Jordan)
tracks 9–12 are from Evening session 02/03/95 (producer Paul Allen, engineer Julian Carney)
track 13 is from Mark Radcliffe 08/03/95 (producer Lis Roberts, engineer Tony Worthington)

Disc two:
tracks 1–4 are from Mark Radcliffe 17/10/95 (producer Lis Roberts, Engineer Tony Worthington)
tracks 5–8 are from Mark Radcliffe 28/10/96 (producer Nick Ware, engineer Tony Worthington)
track 9 is from John Peel 24/11/96 (producer Alison Howe, engineer Mike Engles)
tracks 10–13 are from Mark Radcliffe 06/02/97 (producer Lis Roberts, engineer Tony Worthington)

album credits

The band was always
Stuart Staples: Vocals/Guitar
Neil Fraser: Guitar/Vibes
David Boulter: Piano/Organ/Vibes/Percussion
DIckon Hinchliffe: Violin/Guitar/Vocals and Piano
Al Macauley: Drums
Mark Colwill: Bass

Joined by
Terry Edwards: Trumpet, Baritone and Saxophone
John Peel 18/01/94, Evening Session 02/03/95, The Graveyard Shift 08/03/95

Mike Kearsey: Trombone, Trumpet and French Horn
Evening Session 02/03/95, The Graveyard Shift 08/03/95

Tris Williams: Vibes and Percussion
Evening Session 02/03/95, The Graveyard Shift 08/03/95, 28/10/96 and 06/02/97

Released by arrangement with BBC Music
Product Manager Sue Armstrong
Thanks to Joe Black, Dave Bedford, Lindsay Skilling, Sean Newsham, and all at BBC Worldwide
Polaroids by Stuart Staples and Suzanne Osborne

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  • BBC sessions

  • CD 1
  • Drunk Tank
  • Her
  • Tie Dye
  • Raindrops
  • Tiny Tears
  • Snowy in F# Minor
  • Sleepy Song
  • A Night In
  • Talk To Me
  • Vertrauen II
  • El Diablo En El Ojo
  • She’s Gone
  • My Sister
  • CD 2
  • Bear Suit
  • (Tonight) Are You Trying To Fall In Love Again?
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • She’s Gone
  • Here
  • Seaweed
  • Dick’s Slow Song
  • Rhumba
  • I Was Your Man
  • Her
  • Travelling Light
  • Buried Bones
  • Tiny Tears