stuart a. staples & suzanne osborne – singing skies

On May 13 2013, in association with Hannibal Publishing, ‘Singing skies’ was released.
A collection of Stuart’s song lyrics, written down for the first time, and extracts from Suzanne’s ‘A year in small paintings’.

The book is a hardback, limited first edition of 2500 and can be ordered from us here.

As part of Vooruit’s (Gent) 100 year celebrations from May 9 – 26, there is an exhibition of the paintings accompanied by a video installation, based on the paintings, by Claire Denis (with an original tindersticks score).

May 10th saw a book launch at the Vooruit with a special acoustic concert by tindersticks.
Tickets for the event were limited to 250 and included the book and a hand screen printed poster, numbered and unique to the event.

Singing Skies

Stuart does not work with written words, his songs are formed and exist in his head only. Though there are countless interpretations (he has famously bad diction) the words for the songs have never been written down.

Suzanne Osborne is a painter. Between September 18th 2010 and September 17th 2011 she painted the sky everyday. The result is the exhibition ‘A year in small paintings – Skies, September 2010 – September 2011’.

‘As I watched Suzanne paint the sky – sometimes furiously to catch the moment that was quickly changing – I felt the connection to my songwriting. Moments of connection when a songs come are so fleeting, sometimes you have to work fast to give it enough form to survive’

These 2 elements are brought together in the book ‘Singing Skies’.

View more of Suzanne’s work at –

singing skies cover

Excerpts from the book…