The waiting room film project

A collaboration with the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
Produced by La Blogotheque and Lucky dog.

In 2012 Stuart was invited to be a member of the jury of the experimental section of the CFSFF by its chief, Calmin Borel. It was there that the idea for a collaborative film and music project began; to commission a series of short films with the film-makers being given only a song or piece of music as their guidance. At the time no-one thought that a situation would arise for this idea to come to fruition.

In late 2014 the songs for a new tindersticks album (‘The waiting room’) began to emerge from the band’s studio. From this selection of sketches and demos the short film idea was revisited and very gradually the project came to life.

Calmin’s connection to the music and his great knowledge of short film, coupled with tindersticks very definite sense of aesthetic brought the two together. The title song, and the film Stuart made for it, provoked further conversation about the nature of the project. A brief was written; the films should attempt not to describe the music, but to create a visual counter- point, a space for the music to inhabit. Film-makers were identified that could be open to and excited by the project, each one being presented with a specific song from the album.

The response from the directors approach was tremendous and, collectively, brought a varied collection of styles and approaches as a perfect foil to Stuart’s intimate relationship with the songs. The final line up for this visual version of the album is:

1. Follow me – Suzanne Osborne and Stuart A. Staples (UK)
2. Second Chance man – Christoph Girardet (Germany)
3. Were we once lovers? – Pierre Vinour (France)
4. Help yourself – Claire Denis (France)
5. Hey Lucinda – Rosie Pedlow and Joe King (UK)
6. This fear of emptiness – Stuart A. Staples (UK)
7. How he entered – Gregorio Graziosi (Brasil)
8. The waiting room – Stuart A. Staples (UK)
9. Planting holes – David Reeve (UK)
10. We are dreamers – Gabraz and Sara não tem nome (Brasil)
11. Like only lovers can – Stuart A. Staples and Suzanne Osborne (UK)

On 22nd January 2016 ‘The waiting room’ will be released and, as part of the 38th edition of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, the film project will be premiered when tindersticks perform the album live with the films at the Petit Velo on the 11th February.

The cine-concert will then be taken to Berlin (Volksbuehne, 13th and 14th February), Paris (Le Bouffes du Nord, 19th, 20th, 21st April), Copenhagen (CPH PIX, 26th April), London (Barbican, 29th April), then on tour throughout the UK, 30th April – 8th May.